Supplier Contracts – you must still sweat the small stuff

As a nation do you think we are becoming immune to Terms & Conditions? Every day on your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC you are being asked to agree new Terms and Conditions. Who looks through the small print? Surely it is just standard “stuff” so let’s just agree to it and crack on. I

Should I renew my energy contracts?

Since our collective worlds ground to a halt in March our utilities division has continued to work closely with our clients in respect of their energy costs and associated contracts. As contracts have come up to renew the main question we are asked is “Should I renew as I don’t know if I will be

Why are electricity prices not coming down?

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began the demand for electricity is estimated to have been between 10 – 15%. As businesses are reaching the renewal for their electricity supplies we are constantly being asked why electricity prices have not reduced in line with consumption. After all that is how economics works, isn’t it? To further defy

Gas price bonanza – don’t miss out!

There has been much speculation about the affect of the Covid19 lockdown on electricity and gas prices. The sudden drop in the use of energy in commercial premises has lead many to hope that prices will drop and give business owners some cheer in these very challenging times.  Well, there is good news and there

Move over PPI here comes PPE

We do love a good consumer scandal, don’t we. Over the years these scandals tend to be focussed on financial products so it is unusual that the next such scandal could be over consumables. PPE. Who or what is PPE? It is fair to say that in March few people knew what PPE was and

Time to put your purchasing first

Your priority in your business when looking at how best to recover from the Covid19 crisis is to work, first of all, on your purchasing. I would say that wouldn’t I! Purchasing, pfft! Purchasing apathy has been rife in businesses since I first became involved in the field over twenty years ago. Even the banking

Here’s how to MaxiMIze Your Profits

Go back in time, not too far, and remember when you used to ring or fax your orders to your suppliers? They supplied your goods within a few days along with a paper delivery note and your invoice would then be posted through a few days later. The good old days! That was the sum total

Improve Your Credit Score Reduce Your Costs

If your business credit score is poor then your suppliers may be using this to increase your prices. It makes good commercial sense to regularly check your credit score. If you find yours is not as good as it should be here are 17 ways to improve it. If you fail a credit check and