business rates exemptions

As well as challenging the rates that are set by the VOA there are also exemptions available for the payment of rates in certain circumstances.

Empty Rates Relief and Small Business Rates Relief are two of the more common exemptions and can be maximised using the right strategies. Spirals specialist partners in this field can help you to claim exemptions and prolong that exemption period.

Strategies for reviewing empty rates liabilities are varied, including lettings on a temporary basis to another ratepayer, which if managed in the right way can potentially trigger a further period of exemption.

In addition, there are various exemptions written into rating legislation, which can be applied to certain property types.  If the property is empty due to redevelopment, this can also open up fresh opportunities for challenging the rateable value.

Businesses will be eligible for small business rate relief (SBRR) if they generally occupy only one property and their rateable value is below a certain level.

The system varies between England, Wales and Scotland. SBRR is administered by each local authority.

Our specialists can advise on factors such as purchasing a second property or small business multiplier calculations.

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