Energy Management

There are two ways to reduce your energy costs.

  • Get the best deal you can (see Energy Procurement)
  • Minimise your consumption.

Whereas there are time constraints (your renewal date) on getting the best deal, you can reduce your energy consumption at any time.

Working with Spiral Utilities we help you to:

  • Monitor your daily energy usage to find any irregularities                                                
  • Access reporting to help highlight possible operational improvements
  • Assess the viability of energy saving products in your organisation i.e. solar pv
  • Connect you to grants and funding available to improve energy efficiency
  • Audit and reduce, where applicable, capacity charges on your supplies
  • Assist you in completing mandatory energy reporting for ESOS, SECR, or GHG                                                                                       

Every business is different and will have different opportunities to reduce their energy consumption.

Spiral Utilities combine our knowledge and expertise of the energy efficiency market to maximise any potential reductions for you.

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