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Spiral provide purchasing training for your staff to give them the tools to buy better in your business. Our courses range from the basics of purchasing for staff who are new to the area, through to sessions targeted on individual cost areas within your business.

Very few businesses have the luxury of being able to employ full time purchasing staff. It is therefore left to your staff to manage the suppliers and negotiate the best deals for you with little or no training on how best to do so.

This lack of knowledge can lead to your supplies leading any negotiations and making suggestions (in their favour) rather than your business having the upper hand.

Even the most basic of purchasing training can affect your bottom line positively. Making small savings by using improved purchasing techniques will bring long term benefits to your business.

Most businesses work with more than 30 areas of supply. If you could save just £25 per month in each of these areas you would have an additional £9,000 of profit each year.

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