Single Category Review

If you have one specific area of expenditure in your business that causes you concern or a capital expenditure project where you don’t know where to start then Spiral Purchasing can help.

Spiral Purchasing will analyse past expenditure in the area concerned, assess future requirements, and tender out to quality suppliers. All findings are reported back along with recommendations as to the best way to move forward.

Whole Business Review

You may want to know how effective your current purchasing practices are. A review of all areas of indirect expenditure within your business by Spiral Purchasing will show how well you operate at the moment and will highlight those areas where improvements can be made.

centralised purchasing

Supplier Consolidation

If your business operates on two or more sites then you may be duplicating suppliers and paying differing prices for the same products and services. Spiral Purchasing can consolidate your suppliers and contracts leading to centralised purchasing for your business regardless of how many sites you may have.

Supplier Management

After completing a supplier consolidation exercise Spiral Purchasing can provide on-going management of supplier contracts and prices for you. Whilst retaining your own relationship with your suppliers Spiral will provide a monitoring service to ensure price promises are kept, service levels are maintained, and contracts are fair to all parties.

Collective purchasing

Basket Purchasing

Basket Purchasing is specifically focussed on the potential benefit of collectively buying energy be that electricity or gas. It is an area where there can be as many “cons” as “pros’” and is not always the right solution for a consortium of businesses.

Along with our sister company, Spiral Utilities, Spiral Purchasing can assess the benefits of such a scheme for you and utilise our experience to get you the right solution.

Buying Groups

If you are looking to create member benefits for a trade association or are part of a consortium of businesses interested in seeing if bulk purchasing can work for you then Spiral Purchasing can help.

Spiral Purchasing has many years of experience in this area and can quickly provide your members with tangible benefits from quality suppliers.



Spiral Purchasing provide purchasing training for your staff to give them the tools to buy better in your business. Our courses range from the basics of purchasing for staff who are new to the area, through to sessions targeted on individual cost areas within your business.


Spiral Purchasing are creating a range of modules based upon their training courses for businesses to use as and when they are required. The aim of these modules is to give your business the tools to get the right deal and the right price from your suppliers. Taking the guesswork away from your negotiations by gaining relevant knowledge.

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