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If you have one specific area of expenditure in your business that causes you concern or a capital expenditure project where you don’t know where to start then Spiral Purchasing can help. 

Spiral Purchasing will analyse past expenditure in the area concerned, assess future requirements, and tender out to quality suppliers. All findings are reported back along with recommendations as to the best way to move forward.

You may be concerned about an area of supply that has just been allowed to run year after year without any close focus on what is being bought and when. Areas of supply such as office supplies or printed materials can be left alone for a long time as there is no contract in place that will bring focus on it when it ends.

Alternatively, it could be contracted expenditure that is due to end soon.  You may be worrying that you do not have the knowledge or experience to negotiate a new deal.

Whatever the circumstances Spiral can quickly help you to understand and control your business costs.  

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