supplier consolidation

If your business operates on two or more sites then you may be duplicating suppliers and paying differing prices for the same products and services. Spiral Purchasing can consolidate your suppliers and contracts leading to centralised purchasing for your business regardless of how many sites you may have.

It can be impossible to avoid the duplication of suppliers. You may have two suppliers who offer such a wide range of services that they overlap with one another or you will use one supplier for certain items that your other supplier in that area cannot supply.

However, you may also keep two suppliers on your books in the belief that by putting them up against each other you will drive down the prices you pay. This, unfortunately, is never the case.

Spiral can analyse your purchase ledger and find areas where there is a duplication of suppliers. We do this knowing that the successful consolidation of suppliers will ensure you maximise your own buying power and minimise the administration of unwanted additional suppliers to your business. 

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