Spiral Utilities energy procurement service will save you time and money by giving you instant access to the whole of the energy market and all the tariffs that are available to you. With no obligation Spiral Utilities will access prices on your behalf from all suppliers and present you with the most competitive and suitable deals.


There are two ways to reduce your energy costs.

- Get the best deal you can (see Energy Procurement)
- Minimise your consumption.

Whereas there are time constraints (your renewal date) on getting the best deal, you can reduce your energy consumption at any time.



As your business becomes more reliant on telecoms so does the complexity of the various products and services you seem to need. Whether it is your phone system, your broadband, or your mobile phones, the marketplace is becoming more confusing and it can be difficult to know whether what you are doing is right.

A free, no obligation, audit of your current telecoms infrastructure will provide you with peace of mind that you are doing the right thing, and if not it will point out ways to improve what your setup.


You will know from your dealings with telecoms companies within your business that their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are they prone to making numerous mistakes their lack of customer focus can make resolving these issues very painful for you.

Spiral Utilities will take this pain away for you by handling these disputes and issues on your behalf. Using our experience of the telecoms market we can help resolve these problems in a fraction of the time it would take you to do so.

Water rates


The water market deregulated in 2017 enabling all English businesses paying water rates to choose the supplier they want to use rather than having to use their regional supplier. This followed a similar move made in 2012 for Scottish businesses.

Spiral Utilities has been working with numerous water suppliers since the opening of the market to assist our clients in maximising any savings that are available to them by tendering and potentially moving supplier.

Wastewater Audits

Fluctuations in your water usage over the year can be expected due to seasonal variations in the weather and the work you carry out.

Sometimes, however, those fluctuations can be caused by damage to the pipe infrastructure under your premises and are not always easily detectible.

An audit of your premises and a historical review of your bills can help to pinpoint waste so it can be eradicated.

Business rates


Business rates are paid by almost all non-domestic occupiers throughout the country and are a charge for simply being in your premises.

The rateable value of your premises is set every 5 years by the Government Valuation Office Agency taking into account a number of factors regarding the property.

It is this value that can be challenged by you each revaluation period should you feel that you are paying more than you should compared to other businesses in your locality.


As well as challenging the rates that are set by the VOA there are also exemptions available for the payment of rates in certain circumstances.

Empty Rates Relief and Small Business Rates Relief are two of the more common exemptions and can be maximised using the right strategies. Spirals specialist partners in this field can help you to claim exemptions and prolong that exemption period.

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