Wastewater audits

Fluctuations in your water usage over the year can be expected due to seasonal variations in the weather and the work you carry out.

Sometimes, however, those fluctuations can be caused by damage to the pipe infrastructure under your premises and are not always easily detectible.

An audit of your premises and a historical review of your bills can help to pinpoint waste so it can be eradicated.

Your water rates bill is made up of charges for water coming into your premises, water leaving your premises, and the fees the water company charge for providing you with this utility.

A review of the water company charges can be carried out (see Water Rates Reviews) but to enable for you to know if the volumes of water in and out of your site is correct you need to have a full audit carried out.

A leak in your pipes can lead to paying for water that is being lost into the ground before it gets to your premises. You may be paying for wastewater that is actually draining naturally into the ground on your site.

An audit can show you if savings can be made by reducing the volumes you are charged for both water coming in and waste going out.

Speak to Spiral about arranging an audit for your site(s).

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