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The water market deregulated in 2017 enabling all English businesses paying water rates to choose the supplier they want to use rather than having to use their regional supplier. This followed a similar move made in 2012 for Scottish businesses.

Spiral Utilities has been working with numerous water suppliers since the opening of the market to assist our clients in maximising any savings that are available to them by tendering and potentially moving supplier.

Deregulation has brought about competition in the marketplace which does bring savings for water users. However, as well as the direct savings the indirect savings that is generates can be even more attractive for businesses to look at.

Businesses with multiple sites can now move to a single supplier. New technology means that usage can be tracked and information placed on customer portals. Water efficiency products can be tried out and outcomes seen using smart meters and reporting suites.

Spiral Utilities will find you the best water supplier for your business’s needs. If you have not looked yet now is the time to do so. 

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