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You may want to know how effective your current purchasing practices are. A review of all areas of indirect expenditure within your business by Spiral Purchasing will show how well you operate at the moment and will highlight those areas where improvements can be made.

Most businesses can deal with more than 30 areas of supply and it can be difficult to keep track of all the contract and price changes that are going on. A lack of knowledge of those supply areas can also lead to negotiations being driven by the supplier and not yourself.

A whole of business audit looks at all relevant areas of expenditure within your business and benchmarks it against what is available to you from other proven quality suppliers.

Those benchmarks will quickly show areas where there is the most waste and a structured resolution can be put in place to eradicate that waste completely.

Unlike when you may review your own costs the Spiral audit can be completed within a very short timescale and can show you where supplier value can be improved without the need for full tenders or lengthy period of negotiation and counter-offer.

A whole of business review will quickly show you savings that can be implemented immediately to increase your profit margin.

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